18 thoughts on “Bush: State of the union address

  1. hi mr. preisident bush sir ummmm can you not go to warrrr why dont you say sorry it might work

    bye monet babazadeh

  2. President Bush had some good things to say in his Adress. I applaud him for his stands for human dignity, he’s against cloning and against abortion. His ideas of bettering mentor programs are very honorable, not that we don’t already have relatively good mentoring programs, even though I don’t think that he really needs to spend all that money on it. It just needs to be encouraged to become a mentor. What I don’t get is: he wants to get rid of taxes, but he wants to spend billions of dollars on implementing his good ideas. My question: where the hell is he going to get the money from?
    In response to the half hour given to the war talks: I firmly believe that there has to be a peaceful reselution between the U.S. and Iraq. Is it really so hard to believe that Iraq maybe really doesn’t have weapons of mass destruction, the ones that the U.S. gave them. And why is Bush so adamant about going to war with Iraq, yet North Korea actually told us that they have nuclear weapons and Bush just says to that, “We will not be Blackmailed!”?!?! I think that we are going to have another Korean or Vietnam war, were a lot of innocent people will loose theire lives over somthing they don’t believe in. How are we supposed to teach children they shouldn’t use violence to solve theire problems with other people.

  3. What I’ve seen posted here so far looks like it’s been written by people who never bothered to learn how to spell correctly, which leads me to believe that their view on the war issue is also tainted by ignorance. They all sound pretty young, I bet none of them are actual combat veterans. No veteran in his/her right mind would have such a naive opinion about Sadam Hussein. Anybody with any life experience can see it coming, Sadam will not be a pussycat. When he has the capability to strike, he will not hesitate to do so. And the people who are insisting that we can trust a man like Sadam who tortures and kills his own countrymen (including women and children) will be the first ones to cry: “Why didn’t we do something about it before it was too late?” Wake up and smell the coffee, this is REAL life, not some naive, idealistic nirvana you live in!

  4. well.. i think people were playing a joke on his speaking disability, and quite frankly i find president bush just a little boy who’s toy broke, and now won’t give up until he satisfies his need for revenge…. sides whatever he is doing, he ISN”T helping the state of our foreign affairs, what good we have is now going down the drain, and not to mention that before he meddles in the affair of OTHER countries, maybe he should first fix the problems in his own country first, just because he’s president doesn’t give him the right to act any differently then a normal everyday person!! and by the way, NAIVE?! NAIVE?! if you want to live in a world torn apart war, and pain and grief, then feel free, but don’t go calling the people who still believe in peace naive, just because you have turned bitter and blinded by this so called war strike for the better of america, well i have one question, what about the world huh? we aren’t the only ones on this planet.

  5. I was glad bout u being against coloning and ect. but y go 2 war if we had nothin 2 do w. it in da first place, have u ever noticed everytime da united states goes 2 war is bcuz we dont mind our own buisness dats all i have 2 say. i hope u can add or responed 2 my opinion.:)

  6. President Bush is going to be aiding alot of good programs that I think are spetacular. He is spending alot of money, which is fine, but what I don’t agree with is how he is going to get the money. I do not agree with the defict theroy, I believe that you need to tax to support the programs.

  7. President Bush made a very good speech that was very clear and straight to the point, all of his ideas are great however they’re costly and we can only do so much at a time, he is not superman and can not save the world. We would all love to live in a tax-free world but that simply can not happen, the money needs to come from somewhere and it’s going to be a long process to do everything Bush has proposed. As for cloning and aboriton I as an individual completely am against however it should be the choice of the human being. We all have different aspects on life and we need to look at it in different points of view. However, we do know that Iraq does in fact have biological and chemical happens and we need to act on that before America is seriously in danger. They have shown no evidence that they have rid of the weapons.

  8. Bush! You are doing the right thing, don’t worry about all these people against war, they dont knwo what they are talking about. If we dont go to war it will give those terriorists another chance to hurt us, maybe even nuke us. THey have powers beyond limits. Bush you need to take them out before they take us out. LETS GO TO WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  9. Why do you want to go to war? Every time we go to war tons of people get hurt! The real bad guy aways goes into hiding and lets his people get hurt! If you have to go to war, then I don’t want 1000’s of inocent people to get hurt

  10. president bush i think that here in new phill there are very bad things happening because i try to get a job and, they wont take me.because they only take people with fake identefication so i hope u do something ,about that i would very much apershiate that and other people who are trying to get a job and that cant because they only take people with fake papers so i thank you agian if you do something something about that.

  11. i just wanted you to know that the war was a big thing for ever one. for one i think that i was really up set. i want to feel the way the people that had to go feel
    i didnt like the way you did things but you cant do any thing now. i am not mad i am just said. i am only 14 years old but one thing that comes t me mind is that wat if one of the children wants to see wats going on and they get kilt. wat would happen now. i just want to here you side. i think you should take this to mind. i did vote for you when we voted in school. but now i dont know because i dont know why you did this. well really i should not say this to our president but i just dont under stand. one of my middle school teachers said that her brother and his wife were at the persain gulf and her brothers wife came in and gave us a little heads up on what is going on. people are dieing and i dont know them but it makes me want to know them because they are my heros and so are you. for many reasons one because you did something about the terrisoms the thing i dont like but that something else
    you are head of ever states in the usa. i know you dont know me but i can tell you that you seem like a great man and i think you might have regrated every thing that you did with the war. one other thing people dont agrey with me because they think you did the right thing i think you did the right thing and the wrong thng you choose. i wont take any more of your time.


  12. I have read a book… “Status civilization” by Robert Sheckley… I think everybody MUST read it. Problems of this blog are discussed there very attentievly!!!

  13. this is frank from nigeria pls tell president bush of his harsh polisies it is not helping us at all he is not helping the black africans to migrate to usa why it is not fair

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